About Us

Beth Montessori Educational Philosophy
Dr. Maria Montessori based her educational methods on scientific observation of children's learning processes. At Beth Montessori, children progress at their own pace, choosing materials from a wide variety of possibilities. By selecting activities according to their natural interest, children experience the joy of learning. Judaic studies are woven into the curriculum through music, holiday celebration and stories, enabling youngsters to form a connection with their Jewish heritage.
The Montessori Method emphasizes learning through all five senses. Care and attention are given to creating a learning environment that reinforces children's independence and intellectual development. Children work in multi-aged groups where children share their knowledge and strengthen their sense of community.

Our Facilities
Beth Montessori is located on the newly remodeled grounds of Congregation Beth El (http://www.cbe.org/). Modern classrooms and playground facilities provide a rich setting in which children work and play. The learning environment is specially prepared with the child in mind in order to facilitate their development and learning.

Our Faculty
Our teachers are skilled professionals, trained in child development, Montessori philosophy and the specific uses of the Montessori classroom materials. Beth Montessori adheres to the principles of the Association Montessori International (AMI).

The Curriculum
The Beth Montessori Curriculum is comprised of five distinct areas of concentration:

  • Practical Life enhances skills and coordination through gross and fine motor tasks. These activities serve to increase children's attention span and encourage task completion.
  • The Sensorial area helps children develop and refine their senses to discriminate, categorize and explore key concepts.
  • Mathematics makes use of manipulative materials to enable children to understand abstract concepts of numbers, symbols, the decimal system, mathematical operations, and basic number facts.
  • Language Arts includes oral language development, written expression, reading, grammar, creative dramatics, and children's literature. Our Bilingual program exposes children to fluently spoken English and Spanish. The Hebrew language program exposes children to the Hebrew vocabulary associated with the Jewish holidays and culture.
  • Enrichment activities expose children to music, movement, Jewish culture and traditions, art, science and geography. Gardening and ecology are also an integral part of our indoor and outdoor environment.